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Dr Alistair Melzer - Carmen Drake

The Central Queensland Koala Volunteers welcome all visitors to this site. The volunteers who assemble the stories will be collecting and upgrading interesting facts and news for you on an ongoing basis.

There are all sorts of Koala Volunteers. Anyone with an interest in Australian native animals and their habitat can become a welcome member. The Central Queensland Koala Volunteer Group is 10 years old and was formed to support efforts to conserve koalas and to raise the awareness about all the issues affecting the health and future of these very special Australian marsupials.


Dr Alistair Melzer St Bees 2000
Alistair Melzer is an ecologist who has been studying koalas since 1988. He has been in Central Queensland since 1990 and at Central Queensland University since 1994.

Alistair’s work on the ecology of koalas (ranging behavior, habitat selection, morphological variation, effects of climate and conservation) has resulted in his being asked to provide expert advice on koala management (NSW State Forests) and conservation (forum for the conservation of the koala, international conference of the Society for Conservation Biology) as well as working with local community and industry.

His work in Central Queensland has been possible through strong community support (volunteer time and money) over the last 10 years.

In 1994 Alistair was awarded his PhD and commenced work at Central Queensland University on a range of industrial ecology projects. Since then the koala research has continued on a part time basis with the ongoing assistance of the Central Queensland Koala Volunteers.

When the Koala Research Centre was jointly established by the Rockhampton City Council, the Department of Environment and Heritage and Central Queensland University, Alistair became the Principal Research Officer.


Carmen Drake
Occupation Artist, I use the name Carmen Beezley-Drake in all my art work.. Over the years, several successful Art Exhibitions have been held to raise funds for Koala research in Central Queensland. Several art prizes have been painted from images sketched while doing field research work

Hobbies include gardening and many forms of art and craft.
Member of (SGAP) Society for Growing Australian Plants
President of CQ Contemporary Artists,
Member of U3A (University of Third Age)

Started as Koala Volunteer In 1989 at the age of 55 when research on Koalas was first being undertaken in the Springsure area by Alistair Melzer.
I have been on most of the research teams since then and really enjoy being a volunteer, so much so that I have been a volunteer on other wildlife research projects such as the
Spectacled Hare Wallaby, bridled Nailtail Wallaby and Hairy Nosed Wombat.
Having come from a ‘country’ background I enjoy being in the bush. The hope is that the more we learn about all our native animals the better we will be able to protect them.